Poems about finding your identity

How do you plant your seed? There was a subject that I refused to write about and that is love, or was love. That is a painful thing, you know? I resolved to write about my biggest wound, which is love, because if love or its absence is unbearable, then I can dress the wounds with words I carve into the space where it could fit into my life, and into me.

Your last book, Mad Honey Symposium , has a series of poems about honey badgers.

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Is your forthcoming book, Oculus , similarly scanning the terrain of virtual reality? I am a poet that functions on my obsessions. Planting a single kernel and recognizing that from that single kernel so many different living things can grow. I guess the kernel of Mad Honey Symposium was the honey badger, but it definitely transcended that animal. My first book examines the wild. It was raised in the wilderness, raised by honey badgers, and people who consumed a lot of mad honey that went crazy.

The Lucy poems

That was my first book. My second book was definitely born and raised in the city. I think Oculus has a completely different set of obsession, but I still use the same process. If I plant this kernel, what can it grow into? A tree full of webcams.

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Social media is kind of a carnival. What is my relationship with social media?


It can be flat sometimes. I think one of the tropes that I try to explore in Oculus is spectacle. In the poem Oculus , I wrote about a girl who had an Instagram account, and the day that she died she uploaded a picture of her burning bed and the ledge. She essentially uploaded her own suicide onto Instagram.

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I saw that burning bed and that ledge, and up until those posts is just this beautiful girl with this enviable life. I thought about all the ways that we try to create this spectacle.

I AM - A Personal Portrait of Jewish Identity: The Israel Forever Foundation

I find that, for me, my Twitter is mostly angry. My Facebook is mostly author news. My Instagram is mostly me trying to pretend to be a mermaid. I think they all serve different purposes. In the winter around sunrise, walk next to a river wearing a lot of layers like a nice thick wool coat but no underwear. Collect seaweed and leaves and make yourself a cute outfit. Here is my example:. Make friends with at least one ghost who can talk to you about death without being weird about it.

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Write letters or songs to this ghost. It makes you more fearless. Dance on the street next to all the trash bags on your way to the subway station.

I Have a New Name - Hosanna Poetry

Make resistance collages. Cut oppressive texts and images with scissors. Cut them out, cut them out, cut them out. Her second book, Oculus , is forthcoming from Graywolf Press in You can wake up to a new TCI interview by subscribing to our daily newsletter. We also have other newsletters if once a day is too much or too little. Here's a space to search our entire website.

Sally Wen Mao on finding the necessary tools to write poems

Jump to: Biography Conversation Some Things. As told to Thora Siemsen, words. Tags: Poetry , Process , Inspiration , Identity. Sally Wen Mao on finding the necessary tools to write poems. Poetry , Process , Inspiration , Identity. Part of:. From a conversation with Thora Siemsen. Highlights on. Download as a PDF. Copied link to article! About how often does a poem come to you? What do you do to attain buoyancy in your routine?

lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/target/1469-mobile-spy-for.php Besides your friends, what else is an integral part of your creative practice? What words do you think about when you think about the future? What is your relationship to social media like? Do you consider success in the arts part of your ripple? Sally Wen Mao recommends: In the winter around sunrise, walk next to a river wearing a lot of layers like a nice thick wool coat but no underwear. But how should we feel this love? Rumi states that it is through observing the Divine commands, remembrance of God dhikr and keeping the company of the saints that one can realize this identity and actualize this love.

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