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Chester is the only county in the five-county area that makes you register and pay to do civil case searches lame via the Internet. Bucks , Philadelphia , Delaware and Montgomery counties all offer free online public searches and are relatively easy to use. Be on the lookout for judgments or liens. Financial information is a bit trickier to come by. Depending on your personality, you might also find it fun to see how much your newly divorced boss just dropped on his new bachelor pad.

In Philadelphia, you can find plenty of real estate information via the Office of Property Assessment.

Does your state allow a prospective employer to ask you about your criminal records?

Just pop in an address. Keeping up with the Joneses, indeed. Bankruptcies are handled by Federal Court, so you can either head to your regional branch to search court records 6th and Market in Philadelphia , or you can sign up for an account with PACER , a database of all federal cases, bankruptcies included.

So my wife asked him for an address. A common enough request among parents, right? For all he knew, maybe she wanted to send his son a party invitation.

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Running from collectors? Who knows? Search for: Search.

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Submit paper applications to:. The instructions for how to complete the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance application are now included on the last page of the application and can be printed for easy reference when completing the application. Failure to comply with the instructions that are attached to the application will cause considerable delay in processing the results. Applicants can now type their information directly onto the application or the information can be hand written onto the application.

If the information is typed directly onto the application, the information will NOT be able to be saved on a computer unless the computer has a licensed version of the acrobat adobe software. Therefore, please be sure to print the completed application before closing the document so that the information typed on the application is not lost. If you have trouble accessing the application you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which is available free on the internet. NOTE : ALL information that has been entered directly onto the application will be lost if you close the application prior to printing it if your computer does not have a licensed version of the Acrobat Adobe software.

Talk to an Employment Rights attorney.

FBI Fingerprinting. If we are fully booked with appointments that day you have the option to wait for a spot that might become available or return another day with a scheduled appointment. If you have questions about scheduling appointments please contact IdentoGo at The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process, as follows:.

A new law includes an important mechanism to help ensure that current school employees, who may not have been subject to a previous background check, are now required to provide assurances that they have not been previously arrested or convicted of Section e offense. Accordingly, under Act 24, all current school employees are required to complete and return to their school administrator or other person responsible for school employment decisions the School Administrator a form developed by PDE to report prior arrests or convictions for any offense listed in Section e.

enter site Under Act , in addition to satisfying pre-existing employment requirements under the Public School Code of and 23 Pa. All former employers of the applicant that were school entities ; and. All former employers where the applicant was employed in a position where he or she had direct contact with children. Home Link. Criminal Background Checks. Summary of Clearance and Other Requirements:.