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I had no accidents before my arrest, and the case was fairly simple. At the time, I felt like a wanted a hard-hitting attorney who could kick ass in court if I needed. Most people do not go to court, because of the cost involved and the risk that you will receive the full measure of the Extreme DUI penalties if you lose. Contact me if you want a referral. What you get for your money can vary widely. While I was in jail, I met a man who already had an extreme DUI from several years ago, and he received excellent help on his fresh DUI from the Phoenix public defender free to get only 15 days in jail.

Your case can be greatly affected by the presiding judge on your case and the city where you were arrested. Gilbert and Scottsdale, for example, are two of the very worst places to get arrested for DUI. Why anyone would want to live in Gilbert is another mystery, for another web site. Step 2: planning your case.

Home Detention in Scottsdale

When you get your attorney, he or she will be asking you about the circumstances of your arrest, and how your information corroborates with the citation you were given by the officer. Be completely honest, truthful, and write down some notes beforehand about every little detail you think might be important. Without revealing them here, there are strategies that can sometimes come to your advantage once your attorney can see the complete police arrest and evidence record for your case.

This includes your blood sample s , and the complete police account of how and why you were arrested, your field sobriety test, your appearance, etc. Lawyers are detail freaks. Give them all the details they could possibly enjoy.


My own arrest was, unfortunately, a case of gross misconduct by the Phoenix Police Department but not in a way that could have helped my case. Officer Mario bends the law, but I was the one going to jail. My story is not unique, by the way; another Tent City resident told me his expensive woodworking tools were taken right out of his truck by the Phoenix PD. Our boys and girls in blue are making up for those pesky budget shortfalls, all by themselves.

Your attorney will explain to you that there are two timelines in action: the municipal, county or state case, and the Arizona MVD case. Your DUI arrest in the city, county or state area will determine which court will be deciding your penalities, pre-trial conferences, jail time, counseling and possible home detention. The Arizona MVD has its own penalties, hearings, and required vehicle interlock periods. Step 3: Fingerprinting. Thanks, dude. Check out ValleyMetro. Ride your bike. Get rides from friends or spouse or kids. Take taxis, or some combination of all of the above.

After 30 days, you can get a temporary license to drive to work, school, jail, etc. Keep that in mind when you are scheduling your jail time. Step 5: Pre-Trial conferences. You will likely only have to attend the final PTC if you have an attorney. If you do not plan to go to court before a jury, the final conference will actually turn out to be your plea deal conference and final instructions for jail, fines, etc.

Step 6: Paying fines, and interviews. If you set up a scheduled payment, be advised that if you miss one it could land you in legal trouble. I advise biting the bullet and putting it on plastic all at once. Your strategy at all times should be to avoid risk. Step 7: Classes. They can be attended on weekends, and feature really awful s era dramas of the perils of alcohol, starring guys wearing tube socks and handlebar mustaches.

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Almost worth getting a DUI to watch these classics. Step 8: Jail Time — Maricopa County. Tent City, sodomy, pink undershorts, and sadistic guards, right? Not really. We innocent DUI inmates are in a special area called Work Release, and we share half the yard with the slightly more sinister crowd in Work Furlough. Unless, of course, you fuck up and do something stupid in Work Release like bringing in drugs or arrive drunk.

You arrive at the jail in the self-surrender area, where you are photographed and hustled off to a holding cell. Then you are fingerprinted, and sent back to another holding cell for a long wait, after which you are bused over to Tent City where you enter another holding cell.

Hours pass, then you are group marched to your Work Release section, where you are given blankets and directed to your tent, which has rows of 12 bunk beds. Usually your whole group will be processed together, and tent together. These will be your new homies, so make an effort to get along with your people from the beginning. You will meet accountants, lawyers, programmers, homemakers, architects, engineers, Star Wars afficionados, illiterate field workers, plumbers and potheads -— a veritable cross-section of humanity.

You remembered to bring a book, right? When Monday morning rolls around after what seems like the longest weekend of your entire life, you assemble at the roll call time 30 minutes before your scheduled release time. They announce these times in jumbled, mostly incomprehensible DO-speak at ear-splitting volume, beginning at 4am.

There is a female DO who in 15 days spoke only Wookie, as far as I could tell. No worries, you can bring a battery alarm clock to check the time. You show up again to be frisked and body searched before your scheduled entry time. Some helpful rules to follow in Tent City: there are never more than five or four? Some DOs will insist that you be beardless for release, so remember to shave on Friday before you come in.


They do have some god-awful, painful razors in the bathrooms at sporadic internals. Grab a couple and some soap as soon as you see them.

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  • Call for more information. Step 9: Home Detention. After the fun in Tent City you will be eligible, depending on your court agreement, for Home Detention.

    Phoenix DUI Law Blog

    This is arranged in a cramped little office in a shitty downtown Phoenix neighborhood. All the phone features like call waiting must be removed. The big black device will emit a piercing shriek at various intervals during your mandated home periods; you simply run over and blow into a tube while a flash illuminates your face. Then it goes back to sleep, while you lay awake and curse various police departments and Joe Arpaio.

    Standard DUI, 0.08+, second offense

    If you have a sleeping baby, this will be a fresh hell on earth. Still, it beats being in jail.

    Step New license and interlock. Cook was served with an order suspending his driving privileges and was given a temporary driving permit. His wife Diana retrieved him around a. Cook, a cattle rancher and former corrections officer, represents Legislative District Eight, which covers much of Pinal County.

    He was first elected in In a statement, House Speaker-elect Rusty Bowers said that he was aware of Cook's arrest, but did not immediately say what action the House might take against him. Cook's arrest and his apparent warnings to the arresting officer are similar to another recent example of an Arizona lawmaker running afoul of the law while on the road. In a video of the incident, Mosley bragged to the deputy that he regularly drives at speeds around mph, and was let go with a warning after he cited the legislative immunity of lawmakers.

    The controversy prompted Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to sign an executive order in July limiting elected officials' ability to claim legislative immunity and making clear that state law enforcement officials can arrest them for criminal violations such as speeding and driving under the influence. Update, p. I'll be facing a judge and very real consequences which I'll keep you all updated on as they occur. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! He warned his Facebook friends not to drink and drive and wrote that "the good Lord" was looking out for him.

    Cook wrote, "No lunch, no dinner, and some drinks with friends sounds harmless enough, but get behind the wheel and try to drive home and you're taking a chance you just shouldn't take. I'm lucky, because I got pulled over and got a DUI, but there was no accident, no one got hurt, etc. David Cook's arrest.

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    Are There Alternates to a Jail Sentence in a DUI Case?

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