Town hall erupts obama birth certificate

None of this does any good for the cause, since the media is now focused on the yelling and face slaps and not the issue. The Obamanation is a thugocracy.

Beyond Beltway, Health Debate Turns Hostile

Is he trying to impose socialism, or is he going all the way into communism. The tactics seem so familiar….

Barak Obama was abandoned by his father, his grandfather Stanley Dunham was abandoned by his father after his wife committed suicide. His party believes in abortion on demand, doctor assisted suicide, and eugenics.

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Who is Q? Behind conspiracy theory erupting at Trump rallies | KTXS

These brutal tactics of "change" can best be described as a rape of the american people. Here's why we like to watch. But Rudy Giuliani can. Gershman in "Most St. Gershman in " years of experience gone: Kimberly M.

President Obama Provides His Birth Certificate to the Press

Gardner has lost more lawyers than she had when she took office". That Is the Question for Law Professors ".


Shobana Musti in "Kids learn how to code and build robots at Pace University". Skip to main content. Pace Live. Teacher Education. Share Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest. News Item "U. If we assume that Democrats and their allies have scattered their trackers across the country to film as many of this month's GOP town halls as possible, then last week was a dud by standards.


But several revealing, newsworthy developments occurred this August, all of which point to a depressing fact. Tea Partyers might for the most part be done rallying and heckling politicians, but they still wield enough influence on the right to intimidate Republican officials into validating the same old unsavory claims and arguments that drove Tea Party and GOP approval ratings through the floor in Obama's first term.

In three town halls this August, members confronted by birthers have been cowed into tacitly validating the idea that Obama isn't a natural-born U. Ted Yoho, R-Fla. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, to investigate the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. The liberal website ThinkProgress caught Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla.

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We had the opportunity to get another president in there. Mullen's spokeswoman later told TPM that he simply misspoke. But even if he didn't mean to say he "agree[d]" with a birther, his suggestion that Obama's birthplace is a question for the electorate to answer was a pander when what's needed was some real talk.

Then most recently, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, told one clearly deflated birther, "I think, unfortunately, the horse is already out of the barn on this, on the whole birth certificate issue. Farenthold also blithely likes to claim, as he did in the same meeting, that there are presumably Republican votes in the House to impeach Obama, but at least that has the virtue of being plausible.

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