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Vintage House With Vintage Appliances, Part 2

Do you remember eating cotton candy at the fair when you were a kid? You can make up to a gallon of the stuff at a time, and it has a warming light to keep your kernels nice and toasty. This retro toaster has extra-wide slots to accommodate all types of toast, including bagels.

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It also has a removable stainless steel crumb tray that makes it super easy to clean, helping you prevent toast-related fires. We love the groovy 70s logo almost as much as a toasty, melty grilled cheese. Make your kitchen feel like an old timey general store with this excellent gum ball machine. The machine takes all kinds of coins, so you can even trade a penny for a delicious gumball. Get all of your mixing done in style with this powerful stand mixer. Pull out the teacups and doilies! This one-liter electric kettle can boil a cup of water in less than 90 seconds, making it perfect for brewing up some tea when guests drop by.

Make your morning smoothie in a blender straight out of the fifties! And, even though this blender looks old-fashioned, it packs a punch. With stainless steel dual blades, this baby can even crush ice. This machine can make approximately 20 snow cones at time, so you feed an entire overheated army!


Cook hot dogs for your entire family all in one go without having to fire up the grill with this vintage hot dog roller. It even has a bun warmer. Little touches like that make all the difference. Never burn those cookies again with this vintage Kikkerland Streamline kitchen timer. This sweet hand-crank coffee grinder is fully functional, meaning you can grind your coffee just like your grandparents did, back in the day! Ok, this 3-in-1 breakfast station is completely and totally over the top—and we love it for it.

Simultaneously brew coffee, fry up some bacon, and toast some english muffins so that everything is piping hot and ready to much at the same time. Its eye-pleasing vintage design will also put your other, less attractive appliances to shame. While this toaster looks vintage, its features are decidedly not. It has extra-wide slots to better accommodate bread, bagels, and buns. Looking to make your own popcorn without all that fake butter flavor that comes in the microwave bags? Look no further! Simply put this spinner on the stove, add some kernels, and start popping!

Retro Style Appliances – What’s New is Old Again

When you use our links, we may earn a commission, but it will never cost you extra or impact our recommendations. Looking to make some vintage-inspired updates to your kitchen? Scroll down for more than 20 gadgets, appliances, and essentials that bring that bring a retro vibe to your kitchen. A tiny fridge for small spaces Short on space? Daewoo Retro Mini Fridge. A very cute clock This homage to the original Kit-Cat clock—which made its debut all the way back in —sports a bold turquoise color and would look awesome on the wall of any kitchen.

Blue Kitty-Cat Clock.

Vintage Bread Box. Smeg Refrigerator. A delightful mint microwave We are in love with the cool, vintage mint green of this microwave. Daewoo Microwave. Dip into deliciousness There is literally nothing better on this earth than dipping a piece of bread into steaming hot liquid cheese… Except maybe dipping a strawberry into molten chocolate. VonShef Fondue Set.

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A machine that makes old-timey treats Do you remember eating cotton candy at the fair when you were a kid? Cotton Candy Maker. Retro Popcorn Popper. A restored Magic Chef range with a rare left-side oven stack is central to a period kitchen in a Prairie Style house in San Diego. Photo by Tim Street-Porter. Qualified restorers are often booked far in advance.

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Restorations usually require both exterior and interior refinishing and an overhaul of all working parts. If the exterior finish is in relatively good condition, ask the dealer to preserve the original porcelain or enamel surface and simply repair bad patches or chips.

Surfaces in poor condition can be sand-blasted and re-fired with a new porcelain coating. Similarly, decorative and functional metalwork, knobs, and interior shelving should also get a sensitive brush-up. Missing or worn lettering on controls can be expertly repainted, and metalwork polished and buffed. Even heavily corroded original metalwork will gleam like new with professional replating. For ranges, working parts including gas valves and thermostats are taken apart, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled or replaced. Conversions from coal to gas, propane to natural gas, or gas to electric, as examples take place at this point.

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The interior gets new insulation and gaskets; pilot lights and thermostats are calibrated to meet modern safety codes. For refrigerators, working parts like compressors, condenser coils, and thermostats are inspected and either overhauled or replaced. New refrigeration systems typically use environmentally friendly refrigerants.

A good dealer will also fit the fridge with a custom-made gasket, and if need be, a new door liner. Antique Appliances runs its restored refrigerators for 10 days to make sure temperatures stay consistent. Browse a specialized list of products and manufacturers that will help you remodel or renew your kitchen! The Literal camp tries to conceal technology. The Interpretative approach acknowledges the microwave oven and the dishwasher. Back Issues. Editor's Letter. Get Our Newsletter.