Marriage license in south florida

The State of Florida does not require a blood test. The waiting period will then be waived.

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The date the license is issued does not count as the first day. You will need to wait two additional full days. You may then be married on the following day. For example, assuming you are eligible for the three day waiting period: If you obtain your marriage license on Monday, then you can get married on Thursday. If you obtain your marriage license on Tuesday, then you can get married on Friday.

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If you obtain your marriage license on Wednesday, then you can get married on Saturday. If you obtain your marriage license on Thursday, then you can get married on Sunday. If you obtain your marriage license on Friday, then you can get married on Monday.

A Marriage License must be used within 60 days from the effective date. A current drivers license, military ID, or passport.

You will need to show social security card or document with social security number on it. The handbooks are freely available at the Clerk's Marriage Division or click here to download a copy from this website. The individual must be at least 18 years of age. You will need to bring divorce papers or death certificate when applying.

Florida Marriage Licenses

Applicants under 16 years of age: Minors who under oath, swear that they are the parents or expecting parents of a child may apply for a Marriage License. If they are already parents, the child's Birth Certificated must be presented, Otherwise, the pregnancy must be verified by a written statement from a licensed physician. A previously married minor may apply without the need for parental consent.

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Hours of operations vary from each county. Courthouses are open from Monday-Friday during normal business hours.

Valid License

Please contact us if you will not arrive in Florida in time to obtain your marriage license. Check the links below for more information per county. Miami Dade County.

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  6. Brevard County Melbourne, Cocoa, Titusville. Residents of the state of Florida have the option of attending a 4 hour premarital course from a registered provider to waive the 3 day waiting period. Premarital courses are optional. Miami Dade Premarital Course Provider.

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    Broward Premarital Course Provider. Palm Beach Premarital Course Provider. Brevard Premarital Course Provider. Volusia Premarital Course Provider.