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The sheriff took up the "birther" mantle as he faced some of his worst legal troubles, including a racial profiling case that discredited his patrols targeting immigrants and a grand jury inquiry into his failed investigations of local political enemies. He refused to back away from the investigation three months ago when Trump, an Arpaio ally, relented on his claim that Obama wasn't born in the U.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo, a longtime Arpaio critic, said the investigation was a publicity stunt to raise the sheriff's national political profile and bring in campaign dollars. The Arizona Legislature passed a bill in that would have required Obama and other presidential candidates to prove they were U.

It was vetoed by the GOP governor. Several Electoral College members even questioned Obama's eligibility to serve as president as they cast their votes for Republican Mitt Romney four years ago. Arpaio has said he launched the probe after nearly people connected to an Arizona tea-party group requested it. He pressed forward despite aides warning he would be ridiculed. In the documentary "The Joe Show," Arpaio was seen brushing aside his publicist's prediction that he would be viewed as a clown.

Did U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings Write a Bill to Keep All of Barack Obama’s Records Sealed?

The sheriff said the investigation would help his fundraising efforts. The sheriff won praise several months later in a tweet from Trump: "Congratulations to RealSheriffJoe on his successful Cold Case Posse investigation which claims BarackObama's 'birth certificate' is fake. Arpaio farmed out the investigation to volunteers on his posse, which is funded through donations, in anticipation of criticism he was throwing away taxpayer money. In , he said the investigation revealed that there was probable cause to believe Obama's long-form birth certificate was a computer-generated forgery and that the selective service card completed by Obama in was likely a fraud.

The facts say otherwise. Hawaii officials repeatedly confirmed Obama's citizenship, and the courts rebuffed a series of lawsuits. Arpaio insisted he wasn't investigating whether Obama was a U. I think it is effectively the same as the quarter system at other schools. Yes, Oxy has since switched to the two semester system with a starting date of late August. The only difference is that the Obama registration has been doubly confirmed by the Selective Service by letter to Sheriff Arpaio.

We have two independent FOIA requests from different people at different times and copies of the documentation. There is also an additional independent verification to public official. Could someone please point me tho the law that says a postal cancellation stamp must be clearly legible and have a four digit year to be valid?

White House Releases Obama's Birth Certificate

I cannot find it. Yes I think that is exactly what happened. I think I found a comment at FR where a Birther made the same assumption. More likely scenario is so he could return to Hawaii on his own US passport. As he stated in his book. Onaka has specifically verified that his mother was born in Witchita, Kansas and his father was born in Kenya, East Africa. Since his parents were known by definition he could not be a foundling.

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Onaka also specifically verified that the original vital record was accepted by the state registrar on August 8th, Any adoption scenario must incorporate those facts. Joey : Can you back that up with proof from an Occidental source? The Occidental schedule Doc posted above calls them terms. Summer term consisted of two 5-week terms or one week term.

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  5. They ran June 22 to July 24th and July 27 to August 28th. Of course, a foreign government can remove citizenship from an American, by the simple process of enlisting the American citizen in the military of the government, appointing the citizen as a governmental official, or other such actions that require the citizen to swear an oath to the foreign government.

    Not if that 10 year old was Obama, ll. Reality Check : Could someone please point me tho the law that says a postal cancellation stamp must be clearly legible and have a four digit year to be valid? The postmark should consist of a changeable round-dater with month, day, and year insert plugs, and should include the city, state, and ZIP Code. Now if you think properly you will find that the month, day , and year would require a 4 digit numbers as the 2 digit number would not define the year at all. That is one of the problems of English grammar rules that causes so many problems in wording of documents.

    And Onaka could only verify that the birth record showed she was born in Wichita, as I doubt that he had personal knowledge of Stanley Ann Dunham vital statistics. And, it is interesting, that the doctor signed it on the 8th, the local registrar signed it on the 8th, and it was accepted by the registrar on the 8th, which kind of blows the theory of group submission of birth records to the registrar from the local registrar or hospital. Nothing could be wrong with the records, could it? Again, you should never consider that a document filed by a person for the record in a governmental agency, is true, and accurate.

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    Anything filed is filed by clerks and there is no independent review of accuracy of information in the filed documents. Which is why they will not authenticate the contents of the document, unless it was created by the agency and filed under authority of the agency. The foundling certificates states where the police says the finder said the child was found.

    It is a statement made to the officer ,and not verifiable. Third, nothing in human experience except maybe metaphysics meets the standard of metaphysical certitude.

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    And if that is your standard, you should go into a room and talk to yourself. Birth certificates and drivers licenses are both created by the state based on the testimony of individuals. In the case of birth certificates, it is the testimony of doctors and physicians and in rare cases others. In the case of drivers licenses it is the testimony of the person who administers the driving test, and the person who looks at identity documents.

    You cannot say that there is no evidence. Indonesian law would have prevented him from getting an Indonesian passport. No, a foreign government cannot remove citizenship by doing these things. Only the voluntary renunciation by the individual can remove US citizenship in your examples by choosing to swear the oath. A coerced oath is not valid for renunciation of citizenship. Sue : Is there a point to this? And you are incorrect about being in a foreign military. You are also incorrect about swearing an oath to a foreign government.

    Obama's 'Sealed' Records -

    That would not necessarily cause one to lose US citizenship, especially if it were a government friendly to the US. So the idea that Obama ever lost US citizenship as a child is simply ludicrous. Conspiracy : Third, nothing in human experience except maybe metaphysics meets the standard of metaphysical certitude. It has always been my contention that applying birther criteria to all candidates would result in a permanent vacancy in the office of President.

    Perhaps that is their goal. Under Hawaiian law the birth certificates were required to be submitted by the hospital to the Department of Health within 10 days of the birth. It was the Department of Health which than collected, sorted and processed added certification numbers them on a monthly basis. Which is what Verna Lee told Mike Zullo. But then I am sure she is in on the conspiracy. Our holding does no more than to give to this citizen that which is his own, a constitutional right to remain a citizen in a free country unless he voluntarily relinquishes that citizenship. Rusk No. From an individual, of course.

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    My intent is to show that a public record, even as designated as being certified, and accepted in all courts, can be in error. And they are created by the score in Los Angeles by criminals. Even certified birth certificates should be looked at in detail to try to determine if they are fraudulent, as says the federal government. The OIG investigation determined that the Corporation Trust does not have the appropriate resources to verify eligibility status.

    Was IS Leader al-Baghdadi Released from a U.S. Prison in Obama Era?

    The OIG interviewed Trust personnel and reviewed the process and learned the process was no different than the grantees process with no additional verification. They were adopted and state law prohibits access to their original birth certificates and adoption files. Never mind that the original was filed in a timely manner or that documentation, several inches thick, of their birth and subsequent adoption is sitting in some courthouse archive — those files are sealed and cannot be obtained without an almost-impossible-to-get court order.

    Curious comment that has nothing whatever with the argument you were failing to make about loss of citizenship. Try to stay on topic. In that case you were wasting your time and the time of everybody reading what you wrote, since everybody already knew that. That said, in order for a government record to be in error, there has to be a mechanism for it to be in error. Or will you retreat back to a modern forgery? President Obama could be a Highlander Immortal, so it could be Or maybe Sue : — Is there a point to this?

    source link Doctor certified that President Obama was born on the day and at the hour stated on the birth certificate August 4th, Mother signed certificate August 7th, Doctor signed birth certificate August 8th, Do you really believe that the SSS card was simply a stamping error, and not a faulty hand stamp?