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The limitations make people more likely to re-offend and get pulled back into the criminal justice system, the report found. Under AB, arrests and convictions will continue to appear on criminal rap sheets, and felons would still be prohibited from possessing firearms.

Registered sex offenders and sentences served in state prison would not be eligible for automatic clearance. The current system of petitioning the courts to have an eligible criminal record cleared is notoriously costly and time consuming.

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A person needs to hire a lawyer and set aside time to show up for court and file the necessary paperwork. One person hoping to get relief from the proposed bill is Jay Jordan, who served separate stints for robbery and vehicle theft and is now a project director with Californians for Safety and Justice. When he got out in , he wanted to start a family and begin a career, but as he worked to accomplish the most basic goals of re-entering society — like getting a job and housing — he found his criminal past was still very much present. The proposed law would be the latest criminal justice reform effort in California as many progressive lawmakers work to transition away from tough-on-crime policies that critics say lead to mass incarceration and increased recidivism.

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Visitors further consent to access the record only as instructed by the Court and consent to the Court's monitoring of access to the records. The Court may deny access to a member of the public for failure to comply with any of these conditions of use. The Court specifically disclaims any and all liability if the Public Index is obtained from a third party entity.

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To obtain an "official certified" record of the court, please visit the Court and request the specific documents in person or do so in writing via fax or post with the proper fees inclusive of preparing, comparing, and certifying. Some of these fake communications made by email could contain an attachment or a link that may install a virus or other spyware on the computer.

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Other communications make fraudulent demands to pay a fine or provide personal information, such as a Social Security number. The Court sometimes makes automated phone calls reminding people of a court appearance or jury service. If the Court does so, the caller will not demand any personal information. The Court uses a vendor to collect on certain delinquent fees and fines. Anyone with questions about a suspicious communication that appears to be from Los Angeles Superior Court should contact the court.

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