How long does a divorce take in washington state

That means a spouse does not have to prove the other spouse did anything wrong to get a divorce. Washington State does not require the spouses to be separated, or living separate and apart, prior to filing for divorce. Only one party, the party filing for a divorce, needs to be a resident of Washington State or a member of the armed forces stationed in the state.

No, but the general rule is that your spouse must have lived with you in Washington State before departing for Washington State courts to be able to order a property division or spousal maintenance. If you have children, other significant contacts with Washington State, such as conceiving a child in Washington State, may substitute for prior residency for Washington State to have authority over parenting and child support. No summons is necessary. It means marital misconduct i. A lawyer is not required, but is very beneficial. An unrepresented party is at a severe disadvantage, particularly in complex cases.

Legal advice in the form of a consult is always recommended. These questions are common but I think these are quite important for all. Thanks, Bo. Love to see you here uncontested divorce attorney mobile al.

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Creek Pkwy, Ste. The more you fight, the more it will cost. Family law trials are extremely expensive. Most attorneys will generally ask for an advance fee deposit that they will put in their trust account and draw upon once they have billed you for the time spent. It is not unheard of for a divorce to cost the marital community many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to file for divorce in Washington

Because you are adjusting the legal rights between you and your spouse and having orders entered in court which will impact your life for many years to come, it is always wise to get the advice of a lawyer, even if you choose to represent yourself. Many lawyers will spend time advising and coaching you or even preparing papers reflecting the agreements which you have negotiated. Of course in circumstances where there is a real imbalance of power between the spouses; the marriage has been lengthy; there are serious disagreements over the children or there is a lot at stake economically you really should have legal representation.

Mediation is a process in which people who have disagreements work to settle their dispute with the assistance of a trained, neutral, third party. Mediators do not impose anything on you, like a judge would. The advantage of mediation, then, is that you make the decisions on your future and if your spouse proposes a deal that you feel you just cannot accept The value of a mediator is that he or she can help facilitate communication between you and your spouse so that you are less likely to get bogged down in defensiveness and anger.

A mediator who is experienced in family law can also help each of you decide whether your expectations are realistic.

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The bottom line literally is that studies have demonstrated that in almost every circumstance, mediation saves divorce parties money and the emotional trauma of litigation. However, as you might expect, mediation is not for everybody and in cases involving domestic violence or other significant power imbalances, for example, mediation is discouraged.

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Alimony is called spousal maintenance in Washington. In truth, there are so many factors that go into the property distribution analysis that unless your marriage has been of short duration, you have no kids and your assets and liabilities are quite limited, it is always a good idea to invest in a consultation with a lawyer to get a feeling for where you stand and how you should proceed. The amount of child support in Washington is determined by a pretty strict formula.

Unlike maintenance, child support is usually calculated by using a computer program. You can get a sense of what child support would be in our situation by going to the on-line Washington Child Support Calculator. As a general principle it is very hard to change the residential portions of a Parenting Plan once it has been entered. Of course, as with every question, the result will depend upon your specific facts and circumstances.

There is no way to give black and white information in what is essentially an area of life with many shades of gray.

Minimum Time Limit

Again, as with every area of family law, there are nuances and much greater detail in the rules than can be set forth in a brief answer, so if you have serious concerns about how your Parenting Plan is working out, it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced family lawyer. What if I want to look up the divorce laws myself or do it myself without a lawyer? Washington Law supports people who want to manage their divorces themselves. In fact, if you do not have a lawyer, when you file your Petition, the clerk gives out a Family Law Handbook , which contains lots of helpful information.

People who represent themselves in court are called pro se and there is plenty of pro se assistance in Washington and particularly in King County. For example, the King County Bar Association gives seminars for people who want to pursue their own divorce and the Washington State Courts website has plenty of information for you.

How to Start a Divorce in Washington State?

You should inquire about the availability of this service with any lawyer you consult, if you want to try self-representation. If we just live together for a long time, will we have a common law marriage? A long term intimate relationship is defined by Washington law as a stable, long-term relationship where the parties do not intend to marry. Depending on a number of factors, a court may find that the relationship should be considered a long term intimate relationship and some, but not all, of the rights between married people will arise.

If a long term intimate relationship ends, the parties will divide property that would have been community property if they had been married. However, each person will keep their separate property and there is no right of spousal support that arises from a long term intimate relationship. In King County there are also two additional forms Cover Sheet and Case Assignment Designation that you can also obtain at the time of filing.

How long does a divorce take in Washington?

The person who is filing the petition is the Petitioner, the person who is not filing the Petition is called the Respondent. It is possible for the Respondent to sign a Joinder to the Petition which is at the end of the Petition. If you do this, be sure that you clearly ask that no orders be entered without giving you notice.

You cannot get divorced until 90 days have passed from the date that either the Petition is filed with a signed joinder by the Respondent, or the Respondent has been served.