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Legal Ways to Track Someone by Their Phone Number

Tsamitis called her phone company for help with the issue, only to discover she had been the victim of fraud. And while the fraudsters who targeted Tsamitis may have simply been looking to steal hardware, other victims of similar crimes have seen attackers also hijack other logins linked to their phone numbers. Calling his phone company, hackers were able to impersonate McKesson, have his phone number assigned to a new SIM card under their control and use that to reset his Twitter password through text-based authentication, he wrote.

They then posted a number of tweets to his account, including one endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Legal Ways to Track Someone by Their Phone Number

And while he and Tsamitis were hacked by criminals who tricked individual phone company workers, other criminals have pulled off similar feats by exploiting security holes in phone company networks. Earlier this year, hackers reportedly drained German bank accounts by intercepting login confirmation codes sent via text, directing phone company computers to route the texts to their own systems. The attack, and others like it, relied on an esoteric worldwide computer network known as Signaling System 7. But in the cellphone age, the number of companies with access to the global phone network has exploded, and not all telephone companies have the same level of security.

Many of those phone companies have systems connected both to the traditional internet and the phone signaling system. And like all internet-connected systems, they can be compromised by hackers who spot security flaws like out-of-date software with vulnerabilities or fire off targeted phishing attacks to employee inboxes. Since phone signaling systems are designed to make roaming across networks easy, and were built without this kind of fraud in mind, hackers are able to steal messages from even some of the most digitally secure phone companies by hacking into a weaker carrier elsewhere in the world.

And while theoretical attacks on the SS7 system have been discussed at computer security conferences for years—computer security experts even worked with Rep.

Is it acceptable to post someone's name, address, phone numbers, etc?

Ted Lieu, a Democratic Congressman from California, to demonstrate the technique last year on 60 Minutes —phone companies have had difficulty fixing the problem. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.

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4 Ways to Track Someone by Their Phone Number

Report Abuse. Someone apparently disagreed with a posting of mine, so they somehow accessed my personal information and posted it on FB.

This information includes my address and phone numbers. The information, according to the reminder below, is referred to as Personally Identifiable Information.

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